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Released: Jun 1, 2016
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Release Notes

    • Added much better support for internet connected labs
    • Lots of issues fixed
    • Lots of additional automatics for rapid deployment of standard scenarios
  • 3.7.1
    • Bug fixes
  • 3.7
    • Worked a lot on making AutomatedLab more stable
    • Added multi network support for Hyper-V and the Routing machine role
    • Added multi network support for Azure (Connected VNets)
    • Added support for Windows Server 2016 TP4
    • Better Performance
  • 3.5
    • A lot of bug fixes
    • Performance optimization
    • Automatics (many things are determined automatically)
  • 3.3
    • Completely re-written Exchange Install Scripts
    • Exchange Install Scripts now support Azure
    • Internal redesign of how operating system versions are handled
    • Additional drives (Data Disks) can now also be added to Azure machines
    • Operating Systems are cached in the registry
    • AutomatedLab measures drives and selects the fasted one for Hyper-V deployments automatically.
      • The hard disk speed data is cached in the registry for performance reasons
    • Registry cache can be erased with the cmdlet Clear-LabCache
    • Redesigned most classes and the serialization methods
    • Removed SysPrep from the Azure deployment process for performance reasons
  • 3.1
    • Support of using more than one image from each ISO file in the same lab (f ex. using Server 2012 R2 Standard Full GUI at the same time as using Server 2012 R2 Standard Core)
    • A lot of automatics introduced regarding:
      • automatic location of LabSources folder (if not renamed and if containing ISOs folder with one or more ISOs). Use function Get-LabSourcesLocation
      • automatic placement of VMs if VMpath parameter is not specified for New-LabDefinition
      • allocation of memory for VMs
      • specify max memory to use in conjunction with automatic memory allocation (MaxMemory parameter for New-LabDefinition)
      • specify lab to use as much memory as possible for VMs allocating memory weighted to VMs (UserMaxMemory parameter for New-LabDefinition function)
      • user locale in VMs. If not specified, settings from host will be used
      • time zone in VMs. If not specified, settings from host will be used
    • Added parameter for specifying auto logon credentials for each VM (parameters AutoLogonDomainName, AutoLogonUserName and AutoLogonPassword for Add-LabMachineDefinition)
    • Added parameter of controlling state of Windows Firewall in VMs (EnableFirewall parameter for Add-LabMachineDefinition function)
    • Bug fixing
  • 3.0
    • Supports now Windows Azure, partly VMWare and of course Hyper-V
    • Machine setup is more robust, many issues have been fixed
    • Some new management cmdlets have been added and will be explained in the next blog posts
  • 2.5
    • Added support for Windows 10 Technical Preview (Client and Server)
    • Optimized the session and job usage
    • Timeout counters and configuration data is now centrally configurable in the PSD1 file
  • 2.2
    • Support for Subordinate Certificate Authorities
    • Installing software does no longer use workflows but background jobs, which is much faster
    • Removing a lab does no longer require to import it first if using the Path parameter
    • Adjusted all sample scripts to work with version 2.x
    • New validators to verify virtual switch settings
    • Bug fixing
    • Parallel Domain Controller installation
    • PSSession reuse and cleanup
    • New cmdlet: Stop-LabVM
    • New cmdlet: Enter-LabPSSession
    • PostInstallationActivities can be put in background (AsJob)
    • Many performance improvements
  • 2.1.0
    • Support for external virtual switches
    • CaRoot is a new role for installing Root Certificate Authorities
    • Root domain controllers are installed in parallel now
  • 2.0.0
    • Now supports also Windows Server 2008 R2 and 7
    • No longer the limit of just having one client and one server operating system
    • Rewrite of the code that handles VHDs
    • Lots of bug fixing
    • Changed that parameter definition of some cmdlets in AutomatedLabDefinition and also adapted the sample scripts
    • Now the Forest and Domain Functional Level can be defined per forest / domain
  • 1.5.5
    • You can now specify the user locale for a new machine
    • You can now specify the time zone for a new machine
    • One new sample scripts to set up a single Windows 2012 R2 server
    • Added public KMS keys to all sample scripts
    • Fixed issues and done minor changes (see source code history for details)
    • Performance optimization: Altered sleep timers and disabled Windows Defender
  • 1.5.1
    • Bug Fixing: Using different credentials in inside a lab scenario didn’t work and does now.
    • Added a multi-forest scenario that connects three forests to the sample scripts
  • 1.5.0
    • Changed the way how name resolution is done. AutomatedLab now updates the hosts file
    • Introduced Remove-Lab to clean the host if a lab is no longer needed
    • Support for domain trees additionally to child domains
  • 1.4.1
    • Fixing bugs in the Exchange Install routine
    • Support for multi forest environment including cross-forest DNS setup and trusts
  • 1.4
    • Rebuild the PostInstallationActivity functions. These are the main building block to do custom things on the lab machines.
    • Introduced a feature to install software (Install-LabSoftwarePackage).
    • Introduced a feature to install software in parallel (workflow Install-LabSoftwarePackages).
    • Introduces cmdlets for managing snapshots for all or some machines in a lab.
    • Provided the setup scripts for Exchange 2013 (single server)
    • Provided the setup script for Office 2013 installation
    • This version also installs Visual Studio 2013
  • 1.0: The initial release August 2013

Reviews for this release

I hover in the good to excellent range mostly due to ease of use and documentation. I had used the older 2.5 version and am now rolling out labs on 3.7. Only problem I see is not idiot proofed and still requires some skill and though. If I can figure it out those with skill should be golden.
by RKrogel on Mar 5, 2016 at 6:36 PM
excellent project. had begun my own project to automate windows 10 developer images with sysprep. will use your project instead and merge with my changes
by casperatease on Nov 1, 2015 at 10:43 AM
Some bugs and some documentation lacking but overall very awesome project.
by MikeBones on Mar 25, 2015 at 9:42 PM
There are some issues, but in general it works well
by eosfor on Feb 27, 2015 at 8:52 PM