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PostInstallationActivity - documentation?

Jun 4, 2016 at 1:45 PM

I'm trying to create a post installation activity that uses an ISO image as a requirement. Is there an example script or some documentation about that?

I tried to create my own postinstall activity with something like

$act = Get-LabPostInstallationActivity -IsoImage some.iso -ScriptFilePath InstallationScript.ps1

However, when I attached that activity to a lab machine definition, it will ask me to input a missing DependencyFolderPath in PowerShell.

It would be really great if a minimal example could be provided.

For the time being, I am working around this by mounting the image first via

Mount-LabIsoImage -ComputerName xyz -IsoPath some.iso

and then executing the installation script in the VM. It would however be great if that could be defined more intuitively.

Thanks for the effort you have put into this, I really like how flexible this framework is and am looking forward to finalize my lab soon.

Once it works, is there some place for the community to share scripts, like on a wiki?